The Star Treatment

Planning for your Portrait

Every family session begins with a free, pre-portrait design consultation.  Good planning equals good results. During your consultation, we'll help you with decisions on clothing, backgrounds, styles of photography and all other elements that go into an award-winning portrait. If you're new to Haas Photography, we'll be sure to answer all your questions about the entire experience; you'll be well informed.  Come in for a consultation, we’ll have a friendly chat and there will be NO obligation.

The Session

In the camera room, Gary will apply his photographic skills as a Master of Photography, using an in-depth understanding of working with families and the psychology of children to give you the best possible session possible.  Combined with the latest technology in lighting and camera equipment, we'll assure you a fantastic portrait and an exceptional experience. You’ll always look your very best.

Getting our family portrait taken was actually fun!

Gary was an absolute joy to work with! He is an excellent photographer with an artistic eye. His warm personality made the whole experience relaxed and fun. I have been referring my family and friends to Gary, I can’t recommend him enough. -Trish Hanni

After Your Session

When your originals are ready, you'll be invited back to the studio for your “preview debut." It's an exciting time. You'll see your images projected to life size in a beautiful music–video–slideshow. You'll be able to see every detail of your expressions!  We’ll have some of our favorites picked out to help you with choosing.  

Following the viewing, our professional staff will guide you through the available ordering options. Their expertise will assure you that you’ve made the best possible decisions without any pressure or hype.

Home-View Projection

This exciting, exclusive new viewing option allows you to see your family portraits displayed how they will look in YOUR OWN HOME before you even order them!

Using state-of-the-art digital projection technologies, we are now able to use a digital picture of your living room (or any other room in your home that you e-mail to us) and combine it together with the family portraits we just completed to show you EXACTLY what your portraits will look like when they are displayed in YOUR OWN HOME.  You’ll feel confident knowing that you’ve made good decisions on placement and size when you take advantage of this visually-accurate system.  It’s easy and fun!