Experience The Star Treatment

The day of your session arrives... You're nervous. You've been watching the calendar and counting down the days until your session and now that it's here, so are the butterflies in the stomach. But it's a "good" nervous. You've been looking forward to your senior pictures for a long time and realize you won't do something like this ever again.

You're confident. You are fully prepared for your session and know what to expect. The free consultation that you had a couple weeks ago, helped to plan outfits and guide you through the process. Now is the fun part.

You're a Star. You arrive at the studio and notice your name is scrolling across the Haas Photography sign! When you walk in, you see your own personal dressing room with your name on the door. As you walk down the hallway where hundreds of previous seniors have written on the wall - you see a lot of quotes like "I felt like a model" and " I would do it again in a second!" You know you'll be on the wall soon. As you are getting into your first outfit, you start to hear one of your favorite songs coming from the camera room. The CD you made just for today will help you relax.

You start to realize that today is your day. The door opens and it's time to go to the camera room.  Right away you realize how comfortable Gary is making the session for you. You remember he's done this for a long time and even has a younger daughter of his own.

You feel the warm bright lights on your face and the cool refreshing wind blowing through your hair. For a moment, you feel like a model doing a cover shoot for your favorite magazine. Not all of us are lucky enough to experience the sensation of being a professional model. At Haas Photography, you'll get as close as possible. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is in.

My session is something I will never forget. I always felt comfortable. The session was very easy going. We had a conversation the entire time and it was never awkward. I appreciated the effort they put into making sure everything was right for me.
--Rachael Dauman, Fall River HS

It all starts with good planning. Good planning = Good results. A free, no-obligation portrait design consultation is provided to make sure you have the best session ever. During your consultation, we'll discuss clothing, backgrounds, your likes & dislikes and much more; your session will be custom designed just for you! You'll also see a video of some of your classmates' images, which will give you many ideas for your own session. You'll be completely informed - nothing is left to chance.

I knew just what to expect. The personal pre-portrait design consultation helped me to know what to expect. I also knew exactly what I needed to do and bring with me so I was at ease!
--Kaycee Semple, Beaver Dam HS

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