Session Choices

Each of our Senior Designer Sessions shown below include poses to meet your yearbook requirements, as well as a wide variety of casual, formal & fashion looks to please both parents and seniors alike... no matter how far apart your tastes may be! You can further enhance and customize your session with mini add-ons and premium add-ons. The choices are endless-there's something for everybody!

The Modeling Session

The ultimate experience awaits you with this once-in-a-lifetime chance to be in the spotlight. Your all-inclusive two and a half hour session time will be split up however you want between in-studio, outdoors and add-ons. In fact, you can even split it up into two diffrerent days (up to one week apart) allowing you to make major hair style changes if you like. We'll help you plan it all out during your pre-portrait design consultation. Bring a closet full of clothes and we'll help you pick the best five to six outfits to give you the absolute best look possible. Session requires a $1500 minimum order and includes a music DVD complete with video and stills from your session. You're worth it. It's the best we've got. After all, when will you ever do this again?  $497

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The Elite Session

If you want to show a lot of variety and personality in your images, then the elite session is perfect for you. This is our most popular session. You'll have a blast and get incredible images that are perfect for parents & family as well as designer images to impress your friends. Your session will last ninety minutes and you can wear three to four outfits. Experience the star treatment. $197

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The Contemporary Session

If you're looking for something more traditional for your parents as well as some great creative options for yourself, then you should choose this session. You'll get as much variety as possible during this seventy-five minute session. Plan to wear two to three of your favorite outfits. $147

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The Basic Session

If your needs are more basic & simple, then this session is for you. You'll still get the star treatment as well as a nice variety of images wearing one outfit during your forty-five minute session. $97

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Mini Add-ons

Mini add-ons are a great way to remember all the special things in your life from your high school years. Choose one fifteen-minute mini add-on for each of the following (you may add as many as you like) $29 ea.:

  • Activities-sports memorabilia, hobbies, collections, artwork, etc.
  • Friends-small group of friends, boy/girl friend, siblings, even mom or dad
  • Hunting/Fishing-bring your trophy mounts, gear, guns, etc.
  • Pets-well mannered dogs, cats and just about anything else!

Premium Add-Ons

Premium add-ons are a perfect way to further enhance your portrait experience with bold, specialized looks. Choose one thirty-minute premium add-on for each of the following (add as many as you like) $69 ea.

  • Outdoor Portrait Park-You'll get a very natural & relaxed look while you ride a golf cart around our private 14-acre portrait park. There's paths cut through the woods, spring-fed stream, high hills, prairie grass, rustic bridge and much more.
  • Street Scenes- Step out into the streets for a look that incorporates architectural design elements found in buildings, stairs, fire escapes, railroads and more around town. Can be more fashion-oriented or grunge-oriented depending on your clothing and preferences. Bring the sunglasses and have some fun. In the case of inclement weather, the Underground Station add-on will be substituted. Cannot be rescheduled.
  • Underground Station-20,000 square feet of huge cement pillars, brick walls, wrought iron stairways, chain link fence and natural lighting forms the perfect indoor photographic-playground for creating a powerful, edgy, grunge-kind-of-look. Dramatic. Can't do this anywhere else!
  • Extreme Impact-You'll look amazing in these high impact, head & shoulder images created using specialized lighting methods combined with high-fashion photography techniques. The bright lights and wind blowing in your hair will make you feel like you're posing for a magazine cover!

Trash The Dress

Bring your formal dress and let's play. We'll create some really artsy images outdoors, on-location or even in the creek! You'll get a look unlike anything else and have lot's of fun, too. Available only as an add-on to the Contemporary, Elite or Modeling Sessions. Included a framed sixteen by sixteen inch custom four-image montage and your favorite two images optimized just for Facebook. $297