Your Session Choices

Children's personalities vary about as much as the stars in the sky. No two are alike. So naturally, you'll want a portrait session for your child that matches what they're all about. You can choose from the following sessions:

Timeless Traditional. This session consists of a wide variety of time-honored poses in any style you like, from close-ups to full length. $79

Limited Edition Sets. Offered only from time to time, these specialized sets are created based on a particular theme. There may be a waiting list. $129

Just Like Dad (or Mom!). These are a blast! Dress your kids up in dad's work clothes and have some fun! Bring in a few props, too, to jazz it up even more. These immediately become a fun, lifetime keepsake. $79

Kid's Day in the Park. Kids are in their realm when they're running around carefree outdoors. What better time to photograph them! Join us at our 14-acre private portrait park for some fun in the sun! Scheduled on special days in the summer. Get on the list. $99

Cover-Kids Contest. Something brand new coming in the next couple months. Can't let the cat out of the bag yet... stayed tuned! $TBA