How much does it cost?

Let's be perfectly honest here. You can spend as little, or as much as you want on senior portraits. Although many of our seniors spend only $400 or so, and some even less, they get the same "Star Treatment" as seniors spending a good deal more.

Memories for a lifetime.

Lauren's portraits were well worth the expense because they represent her beautifully in her youth-she will appreciate them the rest of her life. Because we purchased the © copyright, too, we have even more value from our purchase and use them in invitations, thank-you cards and more. Your staff is very helpful & professional. Working with all of you was a great experience! -Kathy Miller, mother of Lauren, Ripon HS

Order exactly what you need. We recognize that everyone has different portrait needs based on personal desires, family, friends and budget. This is the cool part. At Haas Photography, you're in charge. You'll be able to order exactly what you want to fit your needs and budget. You'll never be pressured into getting something you don't want or need.

Choose exactly what you need.

We liked that we could choose sizes & quantities that we wanted and did not have to purchase more than we needed. We were very satisfied with the whole process & more than pleased with Kelsey's portraits. -Lois Buchta, mother of Kelsey, Mayville HS

What you pay for your portraits is important. However, what you get for what you pay is even more important. That's what value is. You'll always get more than your money's worth at Haas Photography.

You're Worth It! You can choose to order things individually (Ala-Carte) or you can choose from a wide selection of value-priced packages which include savings up to 50% off Ala-Carte pricing. These multiple-pose packages (up to 10 poses or more!) are designed especially for those times when seniors and parents don't see eye to eye and represent our absolute best deals. These packages are available starting at $610 and are a Haas Photography exclusive!

Well worth it...

Mike's portraits are beautifully presented, well worth the price. And, Haas guaranteed their product, making sure things were right. -Mrs. Crossley, Horicon

You won't have a second chance to look good. You can trust Haas Photography to give you portraits you'll be thrilled to own... with absolutely the most fun experience possible... all with a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

Flexible Payment Plans

We know the economy is on everyone's mind this year and we're doing our part to help out. We'll do our best to set up a plan that works best for you.