What are you doing to preserve your family’s history?

The sad answer for most families is… nothing.

Well, it’s time to start working on your family’s history today; before it’s too late.

We’ve heard all of the excuses… I’m too busy, I don’t have the time, my husband doesn’t like getting his picture taken, it’s too hard to get everyone together, it’ll be too expensive, we don’t know what to wear, the kids won’t sit still, etc., etc.

At Haas Photography we’ll help you plan a portrait session that’s quick, easy and fun for everyone! Whether you choose to have your portrait created in the comfort of your own home, or outdoors wearing comfortable, casual clothes, or in-studio, you’ll be delighted with the results. In fact, we guarantee it!

Call today and schedule your free pre-portrait design consultation. We’ll help you plan every little detail… including what to tell your husband!

Listen to what others say…

It was just what the doctor ordered.
We’ve been planning to get some portraits of ourselves for a while now, but we just never seem to get  around to it. Your Portraits in the Park promotion was just the “excuse” we needed!

We’re creating our own bit of history.

Our family is young and our children are growing & changing faster than we ever imagined. It’s really nice to have a record of these important times in the life of our family. Thanks for helping us manage our family’s memories.
It was easier than expected and we're glad we came to Haas.
We’re so glad we made the little effort to get the family together for a portrait.  It was easier than we expected and actually a lot of fun!  After the session, Gary picked out some of his favorite images which saved us a lot of time.  In fact, we actually saw exactly what our portraits would look like hanging in our own living-room before we even ordered them! We’re glad we made the choice to come to Haas.

It was a surprise gift our children will always treasure.

My wife and I were hesitant on getting our portrait done - who would want pictures of us?  We decided to surprise our children and grandchildren with gift portraits and by the look on their faces we knew it was very special to them.  We're so glad they will have a beautiful, timeless record of us, long after we’re gone.
Haas understands what matters to me most.

Haas Photography has been a very special blessing to my family. They provide a very stress free and relaxing environment. The staff is excellent and very kid-oriented. For me, this is so important when taking pictures with my three girls. The location is convenient and hassle free. I don't have to worry about long lines and being rushed. As a result, I am able to capture those special moments and choose from a wide variety of poses. The quality of the portraits is outstanding. I am so pleased every time I receive their portraits. I have had nothing but great experiences and I look forward to future sessions.
—Diane Biel