The Haas Difference

You'll get a customized, individual look that matches your personality perfectly.

  • Beautiful, warm skin tones, free of blemishes & skin imperfections.
  • A contemporary style that looks like it came from a magazine rather than from your parent's yearbook.
  • Soft, flattering lighting that sculpts your face and makes your eyes sparkle.
  • Natural, comfortable posing & expressions-never awkward, fake or "posed."
  • The Gary D Haas signature in the corner, your guarantee that you've gotten the very best.

Share your images electronically. At Haas Photography you have choices. Choices on how you are photographed, choices on how you display your images, and choices on how you share your images. It's all about control. Your digital image files are available in all of the following formats:

  • iPod
  • Cell Phone
  • Social networking
  • Image file CD w/copyright release
  • Video Display Frame
  • And, of course, traditional photographs to exchange with family & friends!


My friends thought it was so cool. It was so cool how I could have everyone looking at my own personal music video within days of being photographed. I texted all my friends right away. They all thought I looked like I should be on MTV! --Jessica Knuth, Watertown HS

I hate having my picture taken!
Almost everybody feels this way before their session, but when they leave Haas Photography, they can't believe how much fun it was to be photographed. That's because Gary's easy-going manner and skill with people will put you at ease. Plus, you can bring your own iPod or CD's to play, or enjoy 100+ stations on our satellite radio pumped through our Bose sound system.

I felt like a supermodel! My session was very informal and fun. Gary made me feel like a supermodel for a couple hours. It was the best time I've ever had getting my picture taken! --Stephanie Butler, Mayville HS


You'll be comfortable with yourself. Gary Haas makes you feel so comfortable with yourself. It's so much fun and your pictures will turn out great! What's better than looking and feeling great about yourself? --Kylie Severson, Columbus HS

Incredible Variety

Choose Your Own Style. You'll be able to choose whatever session fits your style, from the more traditional look to the looser, spontaneous, "off the wall" look. Whether you like things plain & simple or wild & crazy you've got choices. And, remember, we can keep your mom happy, too! You'll get a customized shoot, designed just for you!

I had so many choices. No two pictures were alike. I had so many choices and they were all of amazing quality. My portraits were fun and I had a hard time choosing which ones to order. The majority of my class got average, predictable portraits and when they saw mine, they said "Wow! --Emily Buchen, Princeton HS


Nobody else had the selection I did. The variety of pictures I had to choose from was incredible. Nobody that I talked to that went to other studios had such a selection to pick from! --Ashley Merkes, Mayville HS


Your personality comes through. Gary has a way to photograph your very own personality. The moment you see one of his pictures, you can also see the person's personality in the photo. It's very original! --Kylie Severson, Columbus HS

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