Picture Your Child A Winner!
Picture Your Child On The Cover Of A Magazine!

Imagine how proud you’ll feel seeing YOUR child on the cover of the next Best of Beaver Dam Magazine (distributed four times per year to over 21,000 homes in the greater Beaver Dam area!) The winner, selected by popular vote, will be featured as a “star” on the cover of the next magazine. This is a fantastic opportunity to get creative, keepsake portraits of your kids at great savings and have some fun in the process, too!

Here’s how it works…

We’ve partnered up with the folks at “Best of Beaver Dam Magazine” to bring you a fun, new, exciting children’s portrait contest! The contest will run four times per year to coincide with the publication of the magazine.

We’ll help you with plenty of ideas to plan a creative children’s portrait that will really show your son or daughter’s personality. Nevertheless, this is also YOUR chance to put YOUR creative juices to work and come up with something totally unique and distinctive for your kids.

Depending on their age and attention span, the session will last about 30-45 minutes. We’ll capture a wide variety of images that show all of their cute expressions and unique mannerisms. There will be full-lengths, half-lengths, close-ups, fun shots, and serious shots, too. This will be their time to shine!

Approximately one week after the session, we’ll set up an appointment for your “preview debut”. This is an exciting time. You’ll see all of child’s images projected to life-size in a spectacular multi-media show. We’ll have a box of Kleenex handy, just in case!

Following the show, we’ll review all of the ordering options available to you for portraits, montages, coffee-table albums, and web-sharing options. You’ll be entitled to specially discounted pricing as a participant in this contest. Once you have all of your questions answered, we’ll send you home with your complete set of proofs so you can make your choices in the privacy of your own home and share the images with all your family and friends.

Your order placing appointment will be set up for about one week later. At this time you’ll return your proofs, place and your and let us know which image you want entered in the contest.

The contest images from all of the contestants will be posted to a special website where all of your family, friends and the general public can go to vote. To keep things fair for all, everyone will be asked to vote for their favorite three images. The results will be announced by e-mail to all participants and the winner’s portrait will appear on the cover of the next magazine. How cool is that?

The Details…

  • Contest will be limited to the first 25 participants for each publication date.
  • Ages 2-10
  • Only one child may appear in the photo for the contest. However, additional children, or parents, may be added for some of your other poses.
  • Pets may be included (with some limitations)
  • Limited to children in Beaver Dam and surrounding communities
  • All contestant portraits will be posted on-line for voting.
  • Each voter must vote for three different images (to keep it fair for everyone). Ballots not meeting these criteria will be voided.
  • Voters may vote only once per contest period.

The session fee of $197 includes…

  • Free, pre-portrait design consultation
  • 30-45 minute portrait session
  • Free 11x14 in our Classic Finish of the portrait of your choice
  • Discounted pricing on additional portrait packages
  • Entry in the Cover Kids Contest
  • Publication of the winner on the magazine cover
  • Prizes for 2nd and 3rd place contestants

Photography Dates…

We have set aside 3 special Kid's Days in July just for this promotion. Because we are so busy this time of the year, these will be the only available dates in order to meet the publication deadline.

July 1st, July 7th and July 16th

Here’s what to do next…

  1. Have your credit card and calendar handy
  2. Call Haas Photography at 885-4670 or 800-400-4243 right now to schedule your appointment!
  3. Put your thinking cap on and start bouncing around ideas to make your session unique.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Warning! Available slots will fill very quickly. Don’t miss your chance. Call today!